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Advanced Visualization System


3DHD Camera System


The 3DHD Vision System delivers bright, crisp, clear vision – in 3DHD – for greater depth perception, offering laparoscopic surgeons the visual acuity and precision that rivals open surgery.

Optimal visualization and precise spatial orientation assists surgeons to identify critical anatomy and improve laparoscopic surgery in numerous surgical environments:


•  3DHD vision allows for easy identification of tissue planes and vasculature, providing a more accurate view for dissection, suturing and knot tying.1, 2


•  3DHD vision improves accuracy during dissection and intra-corporeal suturing, and also helps ensure critical structures can be more readily indentified.2


•  3DHD vision aids in identifying and preserving neurovascular bundles while allowing for more precision during dissecting, suturing, and re-anastamosis.1, 2


•  3DHD vision enables superior visualization during anastamosis, thus simplifying revisional cases and other complex procedures.2
3DHD Camera System Ordering Information
3DHD Light Source

3DHD Light Source Replacement Bulb
3DHD Light Guide 3.5mm (Fused)
3DHD Light Guide 4.0mm
Video Cart – Multi Shelves

3DHD Video Cart
Coupler f=27

Laparoscope 5.5mm 0º
Laparoscope 5.5mm 30º
Laparoscope 5.5mm 45º
3DHD Camera Controller

3DHD 2D Camera Head
3DHD Single Channel Camera Head

3DHD Dual Channel Camera Head
3DHD Single Channel Stereo Endoscope 10mm 0º
3DHD Single Channel Stereo Endoscope 10mm 30º
3DHD Dual Channel Stereo Endoscope 10mm 0º

3DHD Dual Channel Stereo Endoscope 10mm 30º
3DHD Video Display – 24”

3DHD Glasses (5 pairs of glasses)
3DHD Overwear Glasses (5 pairs of glasses)
3DHD Premium 3D Glasses (one pair)
3DHD Premium 3D Glasses (Clip On – one pair)

3DHD Video Display – 32”
Cable, HD-SDI BNC (M) to BNC (M) 25FT (for use with slave monitor)

1 Three dimensional vision enhance task performance independently of surgical method, O.J. Wagner et al, published online: Surg. Endosc. 12 May 2012.
2 Advanced stereoscopic projection technology significantly improves novice performance of minimally invasive surgery skills, R. Smith et al, published online: Surg. Endosc. 11 January 2012.

Product Details

The 3DHD Vision System is a simple but elegant system with flexibility to toggle between 3DHD and 2DHD visualization.

3DHD Camera System

The 3DHD Vision System includes:

  • Camera controller
  • 3DHD Camera heads and scopes:
    • 3DHD dual channel camera head
      • Stereo Endoscopes available in 10mm 0º and 10mm 30º
    • 3DHD single channel camera head
      • Stereo Endoscopes available in 10mm 0º and 10mm 30º
    • 3DHD 2D camera head
      • Laparoscope available in 5.5mm 0º and 5.5mm 30º
  • Camera coupler – for 2D camera head
  • Light source
  • 3.5mm light guide
  • 24” 3DHD monitor
  • 3D Glasses (5/box) and outerwear glasses (5/box)
  • 3DHD Premium glasses (regular or clip on) (1/box)
  • System cart

The 3DHD Vision System is compatible with most manufacturers light sources, insufflators and image capture systems.

Features & Benefits

Feature Benefit
Company expertise and focus on development of 3D visualization technology The company has 20 years of 2D and 3D visualization expertise and is the leader in 3D visualization technology for the surgical community.
True 3-chip HD image quality 3D vision without compromise - our 3 chip HD camera technology offers enhanced clarity, accurate color reproduction and full HD resolution for outstanding picture quality.
0 and 30 degree scope technology Options for viewing angles to address multiple procedures and surgical approaches.
Dual Channel and Single Channel scopes and camera heads Flexibility for different procedures. Dual channel offers superior stereoscopic 3DHD image quality. Single channel offers excellent 3D image quality with 30 degree rotatability.
System Flexibility Provides unique 3DHD vision capabilities for all surgical applications plus a 2DHD camera that is compatible with all manufacturers standard rigid endoscopes– two systems in one small, sleek controller.
Effortless scope/camera interface Changing scopes is effortless with our one finger stress-free interface attachment. Compatible with all 3DHD Scopes and future scope options.
Sleek, compact design System fits on many carts and can be used with the ConMed light source and is also compatible with most other manufacturers light sources.
3DHD Monitor technology by Sony – Market leader in 3D technology Integrated with ConMed superior imaging technology, the Sony* monitor enables surgeons to gain detailed HD image and spatial orientation by means of clear 3D images during complicated operations.
Compatible with all 3D medical grade monitors ConMed 3DHD Vision System can be used with many 3D medical grade monitors including Sony*, Panasonic* and Barco*.
3D glasses plus protection Passive 3D image technology integrated with splash guard eyewear.

* Sony is a registered trademark of Sony Corporation of America
* Panasonic is a registered trademark of Panasonic Corporation of Japan
* Barco is a registered trademark of Barco, Inc.


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